With Great Powers is the first episode of the first season of Marvel Animated Universe: Spider-Man.

Plot Edit

While on a field trip at Oscorp. Peter Parker become The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter learns that "With Great Powers That Must Also Come With Great Responisibility after the death of his beloved uncle, Ben Parker.

Characters Edit

Cast Edit

James Arnald Taylor as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Lacey Chabert as Gwen Stacy

Josh Keaton as Harry Osborn

Matt Lanter as Flash Thompson

Edward Asner as Uncle Ben Parker

Susanne Blaksee as Aunt May Parker

Greg Eagles as Randy Robinson

Cree Summer as Glony Grant

Terri Hawkes as Liz Allen

Gery DeLisle as Sally Avril

Steven Weber as Norman Osborn

John DiMaggio as Crusher Hogan

Rick D. Wasserman as The Burglar

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